Our Staff

Meet our Staff!


Dianna Hussey

Executive Director

Dianna and her late husband started Ensign Peak Services in 1997. Dianna has been Executive Director since 2003. Dianna was born in Colorado and has lived in Oregon and Idaho.  She has raised six children, three of whom are identical triplets.  These children and their spouses have produced 20 grandchildren, all of whom live in Utah, except three.  She feels privileged to be able to feed and hug children, spouses, and grandchildren at least once per month at their family birthday celebration.  Dianna enjoys walking, reading, VidAngel, and crocheting.


Chris Hussey

Assistant Director, Director of Refugee Services

The son of Roy and Dianna Hussey, Chris came to work for the family agency in 2011. With a background in mentoring and family consulting, Chris primarily handles recruitment and training of foster parents. Chris and his wife Melissa have three children and enjoy spending time with their family. When he is not working with foster parents, Chris enjoys listening to and creating all kinds of music.

Tiffany McGilvery

Family Consultant

Tiffany was born in Huntington Park, CA. She moved to Portland, OR at the age of 7 years and at 21 years old she moved to Salt Lake City, UT. She currently resides in West Jordan, UT with her husband of over 16 years and their three dogs. She’s sutdying for her MA in Marriage and Family Therapy.She is passionate about seeing individuals make positive changes in their lives. She enjoys finding new recipes to try her hand at creating, hanging out with her husband and just enjoying life.

Fiston Mwesige

Family Consultant

Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Fiston came to the United States with his siblings in 2014. He joined Ensign Peak Services as a family consultant in 2016, working with refugee foster families. Fiston is very involved in the refugee community and enjoys mentoring youth. He seeks to make a difference in other’s lives and is especially drawn to youth who have had to face many challenges. Fiston is currently a student at Salt Lake Community College and is dedicated to completing his degree in Computer Science and Information Systems.


Melissa Hussey

Records Manager

Melissa came to work for Ensign Peak Services in 2012. During her time with the agency, she has coordinated the shift toward electronic filing and has streamlined the monthly paperwork process. Melissa is married to Chris Hussey and together they have three children. Their family enjoys music and attending concerts. In her spare time, Melissa loves to be outside gardening and raising her chickens.