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To improve positive thinking and behavior

- Chris Hussey


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develop long-term skills to help families work together

- Dianna Hussey


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We hire , train and license parents to accept foster children

- Melissa Hussey


An official Certificate of Completion

Prime for life

Weeknight classes in West Valley

~ Kimberly Hurzeler

Prime For Life Education

The fastest courses possible – as fast as just ONE WEEKEND!


Utah Foster Youth

Utah Foster Youth

Local, or ‘state,’ youth come into our program through the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS). These children have been removed from their homes as a result of a juvenile court order finding abuse, neglect or dependency. They are placed into the foster care system with the goal of creating a stable environment that allows them to overcome circumstances and achieve their dreams. Your home provides a safe place for these youth

Refugee Foster Youth

Refugee Foster Youth

africaUnaccompanied Refugee Minors (URMs) are children and youth who have fled their home countries and lost their parents and/or family. These children are alone with no means of support. The United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) identifies these children in refugee camps all over the world and sends them to Utah. They must be under the age of 18 to enter into this program but are supported until they are 21 years old.

Prime For Life Education

Prime For Life Education

TrePrime for Life® is an evidence-based, risk reduction drug and alcohol education program — it is not substance abuse treatment. Prime for Life® simply presents straightforward, research-based information in a relaxed environment. Many states, including Utah, require Prime for Life® education following charges related to DUI, DWI, careless & reckless driving, OUI, OWI, public intoxication, contributing to the delinquency of a minor


Individual Therapy|Children & Adolescents|Family & Couples Therapy

18 & up In individual therapy sessions, we’ll work to solve current problems and improve positive thinking and behavior. We can help with a variety of issues including: *Anxiety, *Depression, *Addiction, *Parenting issues, *Anger, *Relationship issues | 4-17 years old Therapists at Ensign Peak Services we can help you and your kids deal with a variety of issues including: *Abuse/neglect behavioral problems, *ADD/ADHD

Prime For Life Education

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Our Classes Satisfy Court Requirements Related To:

• Careless Driving
• Reckless Driving
• Public Intoxication
• Contributing to a Minor
• Some Drug Charges
• Minors in possession of drugs/alcohol
• Any other charge requiring you take the PRIME for Life Class
• We can now teach PRIME FOR LIFE in only 2 days! Available now in Taylorsville.

Options for EVERY WEEKEND OF THE YEAR (excluding holidays).
Why Choose Us?
* We offer private classes one on one to help keep privacy for those who need it
* The fastest courses possible – as fast as just ONE WEEKEND!
* Weeknight classes in West Valley
* Flexible class schedules in West Valley City
* Free course workbook
* An official Certificate of Completion rec
* Private classes

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Ensign Peak Services was conceived and started by Royden Hussey, LCSW. In many ways, our story as an agency is intertwined with Roy’s personal story. Roy became a social worker because he was moved with compassion while volunteering with Native Americans and he realized the extensive impact that social work has. After earning his Masters in Social Work from the University of Utah, he recognized the need for foster parents.

With the help of his wife, Dianna, Roy started Ensign Peak Services in 1997. After his passing in 2003, Dianna continued to operate the company and pursue Roy’s dream of helping children in crisis. Since 1997, our foster parents and therapists have helped approximately 400 children and youth. 

As integral as Roy’s story is in the formation of Ensign Peak Services, our foster parents are truly the heart of the agency. Without them, we could not provide stability and a safe place for children and adolescents who have experienced neglect, abuse, and homelessness. Our foster parents give of themselves freely and accept strangers into their home hoping to give youth the attention they need and lend a helping hand up to a better future. Our story is your story; one of compassion and change.

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