Our Staff

Meet our Staff!

Melissa Hussey

Office Manager

Melissa came to work for Ensign Peak Services in 2012. During her time with the agency, she has coordinated the shift toward electronic filing and has streamlined the monthly paperwork process. Melissa is married to Chris Hussey and together they have three children. Their family enjoys music and attending concerts. In her spare time, Melissa loves to be outside gardening and raising her chickens.

Chris Hussey

Executive Director

Chris has been working in this field for a combined number of 15+ years. The son of Roy and Dianna Hussey, Chris came to work for the family agency in 2011. He has worked with the local youth detention center, mentoring, tracking, family consulting, recruitment and training of foster parents. He has earned an Associates degree in sociology. Chris and his wife Melissa have three children and enjoy spending time with their family. When he is not working with foster parents, Chris enjoys listening to and creating all kinds of music.

Dianna Hussey

Contract Coordinator / Family Consultant

Dianna and her late husband started Ensign Peak Services in 1997. Dianna has been Executive Director since 2003. Dianna was born in Colorado and has lived in Oregon and Idaho.  She has raised six children, three of whom are identical triplets.  These children and their spouses have produced 20 grandchildren, all of whom live in Utah, except three.  She feels privileged to be able to feed and hug children, spouses, and grandchildren at least once per month at their family birthday celebration.  Dianna enjoys walking, reading, VidAngel, and crocheting.

Kimberly Hurzeler


Kimberly comes to “EP” with 3 years experience working with adolescents during her practicum and internship with Salt Lake County Youth Services. She then began working with Adults within the Substance Use and Mental Health realm having worked the last 10 in both Outpatient and Residential facilities with numerous clients whose addictions ranged from pill use for a few months to heavy drug use over many troubled years. This also included those incarcerated in jail or Prison and then released to treatment in many cases. She brings a wealth of experience including but not limited to Assessment and Intake of new clients, case management and setting of treatment plans for the success of individual client(s), Therapy Groups to include both Men’s and Women’s specifically life and coping skills and trauma, grief and loss, Individual Therapy as well as family sessions to reunite families and create support where most needed. She now comes to “EP” and is working with children in foster care, life-affirming including life skills, addressing in part with play therapy. She is so willing to spend time encouraging foster parents and some of the difficult aspects they experience with children who have been displaced or removed from homes. Kim loves to spend time helping others learn life lessons to better their lives and enrich themselves life-affirming relationships. Her positive outlook on life affords her many opportunities to meet new people and bring peace and joy to those who she associates with. Though fiercely determined and a defender of truth, she knows that love and compassion through kindness are the keys to a person’s heart.

Kim was born and raised in Utah and enjoys her family, her dogs, and her love of artistic things in nature and in music. She enjoys concerts of many kinds and finds opportunities to use her talents in various artwork to be a pleasure for herself and others. She loves southern Utah and believes Red rock country is one of the best places to celebrate nature at its best!

Fiston Mwasige

Family Consultant

Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Fiston came to the United States with his siblings in 2014. He joined Ensign Peak Services as a family consultant in 2016, working with refugee foster families. Fiston is very involved in the refugee community and enjoys mentoring youth. He seeks to make a difference in other’s lives and is especially drawn to youth who have had to face many challenges. Fiston is currently a student at Salt Lake Community College and is dedicated to completing his degree in Computer Science and Information Systems.